Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Review of the Uniify UV002 Verge VR

Reviewing the Uniify UV002 Verge VR

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  • This thing is only $40, and quite a value for being only $40.
  • It fits nicely on the head with some adjustment. The weight seems to be more evenly distributed than other headsets I have tried.
  • Field of view. Unlike the shinecon which feels like i'm staring down a periscope, this takes up nearly my entire field of vision.
  • More natural feeling. Not sure if this makes any sense, but with some VR headsets, it feels like there is a great deal of pressure involved in forcing your eyes to look at a 3d scene, and I just don't get that with this headset.
  • It has a goddamn button! Now you can play all those cardboard games and apps without taking your phone out of your HMD.
  • Integrated speakers, volume switch, and answer call button really adds some class and keeps you immersed.
  • Air gap between the phone and the outside of the headset. This gives you access to the USB port and the headphone ports.
  • Doesn't have a spring loaded clip that toggles the volume.


  • The button only works if your phone is juussst right.
  • Aligning the phone can be tricky, It just sits there.
  • Because the screen sits closer to your face, if your phone has a crappy screen, it's easier to see pixelation.


After buying this bad boy, I think I'm going to sit out from buying any more cheap cardboard headsets. This one is the one to beat, and I can't think of anything that would beat it at this price point. Maybe the Samsung Gear VR, but I don't have a Samsung phone, where I believe most of the benefit comes from.

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