Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Welcome to Cheap Ass VR Gaming.

VR Gaming is too Damn Expensive (but it doesn't have to be!)

Thank you for visiting my blog. This blog is about cheap ass VR gaming. If you want an Oculus rift or a Vive, it's going to set you back between $800 and $600.

That's too much goddamn money. Maybe in a few years the price will come down as new units come out, but for now, the barrier to entry is to damn high!

But you want to get in on some of that sweet sweet VR action, you can still do that. This blog is all about how to get in on it.

What you NEED to get started

A smart phone

I only have the one, so that's the one I plan on doing all my gaming and reviewing with. Android is good, and an Android you can root is even better. 

A Google cardboard headset

You need a way to stick your smartphone in your face. Google has the specs and the plans, and a few recommendations here.


But you really want to get one with head straps and some padding. I hope to review them as I can afford them and they become available.

Software to display your screen to your phone

The best software I have found for this is Kino VR (http://kinovr.kinoni.com/). Kino is so simple to use and is surprisingly fast, even over wireless. I plan on reviewing others as time goes on.

Some goddamn games

That's the whole point isn't it? Some games have native stereoscopic display, some games you can coax into it with a driver tweak.

A way to communicate between your phone and your computer

This is where having a phone with root can come in handy. You can either connect directly to your computer or If you have a very robust wireless network you can play wirelessly.

An input device

This is where the fun starts. You can awkwardly use a keyboard and mouse, no problem. But a 360 controller is good too, and I am going to review some more input methods when I have the means. (Wii remotes, etc.)

So what comes next?

Well soon I hope to have an actual tutorial on how to use some of this stuff, but I think this is long enough for a first blog post, eh?

I plan on doing some video tutorials, some reviews, beg for money on patron, and stuff like that.


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